Earlier this week, Gawker stumbled upon a page on that shows the music files its users have most often deleted. The ensuing comments sent me down a shame spiral, reminding me of the time I tried to erase the catchy head-bopper “Popcorn (Techno mix)” (it helps me write about DWTS, I swear!) mere hours before my friend with superb taste in music came to stay in my apartment. CHECK IT:

Oh, crap. Slezak just IMed me to fact-check this post: “Did you really delete ‘Hot Butter’ before Kristian’s arrival?” And you know I cannot lie to the Blogfather (unless it’s about how great he looks in a zesty new shirt): “No…I removed it from an iTunes playlist, but I did not delete it from my computer.”

Big diff. Now it’s your turn. Heed the command in the headline above and name the last song you deleted out of shame!