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Everything's over except the inevitable post-show break-up May 2009 nuptials between Bachelorette DeAnna and snowboarder Jesse, who won the Georgia peach's heart in last night's season finale of the long-running ABC dating series. (Click here to read Erin Stevenson's full TV Watch.) Yet for some Bachelorette fans, the season's unofficial end arrived with the ouster of fourth-place finisher Graham, the Southern guy who was either a total commitment-phobe or a misunderstood sweetheart still waiting for the right woman to understand and accept his chill vibe. I got Graham on the phone last week to get the 411, and discovered that while he and DeAnna may not have been destined for a trip down the aisle, there are still five good reasons to love the guy. Find out what they are, after the jump…

* He isn't shallow: Graham said his biggest disappointment in the way he was depicted on this season of The Bachelorette was that the show's producers failed to highlight his personality, instead choosing to play repeated clips of DeAnna waxing about his hotness. (That said, he's willing to admit that's "not the worst problem tohave.") And when I told Graham about an awesome YouTube video montage celebrating his relationship with DeAnna (set to the strains of "Bleeding Love"), he explained he's not one to Google himself. For those of you with no such hang-ups — Bachelorette obsessives, fans of the toned male torso, Graham's YouTube-lovin' mom — click here and check it out.

* He's got his priorities straight: While Graham said he's been fielding a few media-related opportunities since appearing on the show, he added that his work on behalf of children's charities comes first. On a related note: While producers chose to identify Graham as a basketball player from Raleigh, N.C., he currently resides in New York, where he owns a small stake in a bar and works on a line of T-shirts called "46." (A portion of the proceeds from sales goes to the Sunflower Children's Foundation.)

* He may have appeared on a reality dating show, but not everything in Graham's life is open for public consumption: Indeed, while women have repeatedly approached Graham to find out what exactly was in that cryptic farewell letter to DeAnna, dude said he isn't spilling the beans.

* He's polite, but not overly so: Although Graham wouldn't go on the record with a bad word against reality TV vet Jesse, he said he was rooting for his buddy Jason to get the girl, arguing the latter man could make DeAnna happier in the long run; that said, he correctly predicted Jesse would emerge as the winner. Graham also readily admitted thatwhile he has no ill feelings toward her, it's doubtful he and DeAnnawill be best buddies in the future.

* And, yeah, I have to give DeAnna this much: Dude is "smokin' hot."

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