Sure you do. They’re the animatronic band who played at Showbiz Pizza (R.I.P.) in the ’80s to temporarily distract kids like me from expertly losing all their arcade tokens in 20 minutes. (I still have two of those things, trapped in this weird, tiny ceramic shoe, at the family homestead in Illinois.) I love this bit of trivia, from Rocka-fire’s Wikipedia page: “Looney Bird was originally portrayed as a drunk, but went on to become a tech nerd.” A perfectly appropriate career progression. The robots recently covered Usher’s “Love in This Club” — because why wouldn’t they do that? You’ll definitely want to press play, below.

Anyway, this fall, they’ll become documentary film stars! Check out the trailer, and please relish the creepy/awesome slow pan of Mitzi Mozzerella’s abandoned metallic infrastructure at 1:03. I’d kind of rather join the band onstage for a two-hour ‘Alive’Again reunion than watch this movie. But as I haven’t laid eyes onthese creatures since I was like 7, I’m finding all of this oddlyfascinating. You?