C’mon, admit it: You missed ‘em. No, not those crazy Cavemen — my completely annoying yet totally essential blind items! Well, chillax, because they’re back, and I’m starting things off with a bang.

Reliable sources close to a sorta-hit series that I adore tell me that the show’s writers have concocted a humdinger of a curveball for the upcoming season that is so twisty it will take the program in a completely new direction — and an inspired (not to mention timely) direction, at that!

And because I’m feeling particularly reckless benevolent during this, my first full week at EW, I’m going to do something completely uncharacteristic (save for those times I was being blackmailed or offered a huge wad of cash): I’m going to solve this blind item. Right here in the Ausiello Files. And soon.*

Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from speculating. Here’s a hint to get those wheels a turnin’: The twist in question is a little gay. No, make that a lot gay. Oh, and it would be a mistake to read too much into the photo above.

Intelligent guesses are currently being accepted in the comments section below. And no, Sam and Dean hooking up on Supernatural does not qualify as an intelligent guess. Sorry.

* I reserve the right to rescind this offer in the event that my life is threatened by a random force of nature and/or if I simply change my mind.