We rate pop culture for the week of June 30, 2008 including Amy Winehouse's elbow, Amy Ryan on ''The Office,'' Madonna and more

· Best line from Madonna/John McCain YouTube mash-up: ”Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire. Prohibitively expensive health care”
· Amy Ryan returns to The Office
· Is it okay to like a Jonas Brothers song?

Near Misses
· The Wackness ushers in nostalgia for 1994; next up: the ironic revival of The Rachel
· Someone catch us up on Army Wives, so we don’t have to watch it ourselves. Seriously. Please.
· The sinking feeling that Christie Brinkley will soon have her own reality show

· Amy Winehouse‘s elbow
· ”There’s no person in the music industry or any industry who has the brain that Spencer has.” — Heidi Montag