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The Snubbed Club
In ”Our Emmy Wish List” (#997), where’s Zachary Levi? Chi McBride? Jane Krakowski? Donald Sutherland? And Hugh Laurie hasn’t won an Emmy for Best Actor, Drama. I don’t think we should consign him to the Ian McShane/Martin Sheen bin just yet, do you?
Deirdre Swain, Toronto

Writer Ken Tucker responds: These are great suggestions, just the kind of lively reaction we were hoping for. As for Mr. Laurie, you’re right: He’s overdue.

Bawdy Beautiful
What keeps me plugged into Kathy Griffin’s comedy is her blunt honesty (”The Most Polarizing Woman in Hollywood,” #997). She doesn’t cover up her foibles, let alone the flaws of anyone — famous or not — she meets. Scary? Try hilarious.
Michelle Kirk
Baldwin City, Kan.

Minority Report
I’m a white male, yet I love Ugly Betty and Girlfriends (”Special Report: Race on TV,” #998). Both have well-written characters that transcend race and gender. Most TV watchers don’t base viewing decisions on the ethnicity of actors. Why, then, do network execs still cast and promote their shows as such?
Ron Hebshie, Los Angeles

By profiling only ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW, you’ve restricted your reporting. There are many influential stations today, like BET and Univision. Why not mention them?
Carl Rosenbaum
Chula Vista, Calif.

Writer Jennifer Armstrong responds: Broadcast TV aims for the widest audience possible. Such a diverse group should see itself reflected in the offerings, instead of being forced to switch to more individualized cable channels — which don’t have the cultural reach of major networks.

Sprocket Man
Mike Myers should get a humanitarian award for not making a Dieter film (”Karma Chameleon,” #998). It was unfair for Hollywood to deem him ”resistant to creative collaboration.” Did we really need another It’s Pat?
Michael Klein
Falls Church, Va.

Readers had plenty to say about our cover feature Wanted Woman (#998). Some gushed, others griped.

Loved It
Profuse thanks for the fantastic article on Angelina Jolie! As silly as it may seem to sing the praises of a celebrity, I can never get enough of this fascinating woman. She lives a truly genuine life full of passion, honesty, and curiosity — fully deserving of her fame, freedom, and our insatiable envy and interest.
Laura Mayer, New York City

Loathed It
Does anyone else find it extremely alarming that Angelina Jolie talks about her 6-year-old son being ”into war and guns” (even calling her machine-gun necklace ”cute”), yet she’s a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, supposedly promoting peace? I thought she had grown up and turned her life around, but apparently not.
Heather Gelmini, Lancaster, Mass.

Ever crave a Mooby’s burger or an ice-cold Slurm? Sadly, they exist only on screens big and small. Kate Ward recently asked visitors to our PopWatch blog which fictional wares they’d like to see in the real world. (For now, we can only dream…)

”The Manssiere, or the Bro, depending on your preference.”

Alias and Cloverfield
-Matthew Cruz

”Sex Panther cologne. It’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.”

Arrested Development
”I would kill for The Man Inside Me, by Tobias Fünke.”