Exit Strategy of the Soul

Cocktail, anyone? ”She’s my Brandy Alexander/Always gets me into trouble,” sings Ron Sexsmith on the chorus of Exit Strategy of the Soul‘s sixth track, which is titled after the beverage. Co-written with fellow Canadian Feist (who recorded a sparer version for her 2007 CD, The Reminder), ”Brandy Alexander” is a playful, brass-enhanced Van Morrison-type treat that enlivens an album that’s less focused than Sexsmith’s last CD, 2006’s Time Being. True, there are other nice moments, from the soul-folk of ”One Last Round” to the mournful crooning on ”Hard Time” to the brace of two pretty instrumentals that bookend the disc (”Spiritude” and ”Dawn Anna”). However, Sexsmith unwisely attacks some notes above his comfortable register on ”Impossible World,” which is just one of several numbers that are nothing more than blandly forgettable. C+
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Exit Strategy of the Soul
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