Dirty Girls on Top

Dirty Girls on Top

Dirty Girls on Top, Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez’s follow-up to her 2003 debut, The Dirty Girls Social Club, has Sex and the City written all over it — in sassy Spanglish. The six sucias (dirty girls) return with hilarious and raunchy tales of Latina-tinged love, marriage, and sex told from each character’s point of view. Pop star Cuicatl likens the touch of one of her groupie lovers to ”uncooked tofu from the refrigerator,” while man-izer Usnavys describes her husband’s wardrobe style as ”like a college student on welfare cheese.” Despite a plot full of guilty-pleasure material, Dirty Girls admirably dives into darker areas like infidelity, mortality, addiction, and abuse. Hey, life can’t be a fiesta 24/7. A-

Dirty Girls on Top
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