The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers met with the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles on Wednesday to discuss the “final offer” that AMPTP presented to SAG on June 30. According to a statement released by the AMPTP, “SAG asked for more time to study our final offer and indicated it will contact the Producers on Monday. We remain hopeful that SAG will advise that it is accepting our final offer.” SAG confirmed as much in its own statement, saying guild negotiators would analyze and review the proposal “over the next several days in order to prepare a response to management’s proposal.” In addition, SAG said the “negotiators are engaged in, and committed to, the negotiating process and are confident that an equal commitment from management will allow the parties to reach a fair agreement that serves the needs of Screen Actors Guild members, their employers and the industry.”

No further meetings are scheduled. Meanwhile, the members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists continue to cast their ballots on a tentative agreement, the results of which are due July 8.

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