Horror alert: The Weinstein Company is reportedly trying to squeeze $8 million out of L’Oréal Cosmetics so that they’ll take over makeup and hair promotional privileges for seasons 6 and beyond of Project Runway. That’s a little scary, but so is the thought of TRESemé dropping out! This could SEVERELY cut into how “current” I will seem when I walk around the office chirping my favorite TV catchphrase from my hairstylin’ role model Heidi Klum: “Fuh-nished by Twess-uh-may [pause] Pwo-fessional Haiw Cawe.” Oh well, I’ll just keep saying it anyway! Everyone will be thrilled.

What stupid quote that couldn’t possibly apply to the situation at hand do you annoy people with most often? The other top two in this office: ”Ant, aunt — what’s happening?!” (Michael Slezak, as Valerie Cherish), and a resounding “LEMME BORROW THAT TOP!” (Tanner Stransky, as Kelly).

HUGE news day!

Hell to the No!
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