All signs point to Hancock scoring a superhuman opening weekend in the next few days. So what’s Will Smith doing to celebrate, aside from crossing his fingers and hoping SAG doesn’t strike? Well, for one, he warmed a lot of old-school hip-hop fans’ hearts by reuniting with his old partner DJ Jazzy Jeff at the movie’s premiere party on Monday night. Opening DJ Mick Boogie caught part of the performance, below — two stone-cold classics, “Summertime” and “Brand New Funk,” though sadly there’s no “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” I gotta say, it’s great to see those guys back in action. They’ve still got real chemistry, even if their careers have taken them to very different places. (For the record, Jazzy Jeff has continued to do excellent work in hip-hop in recent years.) So what do you think? Would you buy a ticket for Will and Jeff’s rumored reunion tour this summer?