I spent the first half of this week stricken with an ill case of jetlag after returning from two weeks’ vacation in Europe (tough life, I know). As a result, I had a chance to get reacquainted with the early-morning TV lineup. My favorite new discovery by far has to be MTV’s FNMTV — an hours-long block in which, somehow, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has convinced the network’s higher-ups to play actual music videos. Seriously! What’s more, they’re showing some truly cool stuff that you’d never see anywhere else. I mean, the new No Age video (below) is in heavy rotation. How many people even knew who No Age were before this?! The more mainstream vids FNMTV has been featuring aren’t bad, either — I’m especially digging the stark clip for T.I.’s excellent “No Matter What.”

So I’m kinda shocked to discover how many bloggers have been hating on this show since it premiered while I was gone. The most common kvetch seems to be about how it superimposes user-submitted talking-head commentary on the clips. Suit yourself, I guess, but I don’t mind that at all. MTV did the same thing constantly on turn-of-the-millenium TRL, which I consider the absolute holy grail of music on television. Okay, maybe FNMTV isn’t quite “DVR-proof,” but am I missing something here? Or are you loving what Wentz has wrought, too?