Last night, as I prepared for my first day at EW, I’ll admit it: I got a case of the butterflies. And we’re not talking about the cute kind, either; we’re talking first-day-of-second grade jitters! But then I petted Mister Scooch, thought about it and finally started breathing again. Of course, I’m going to do swell in my new post. How can I be so sure? Let me share just 10 of the reasons:

10. Diet Raspberry Snapple in the vending machine!

9. I ran into Lauren Graham at dinner last Friday, and she remembered who I was!

8. There’s a Tasti D-Lite across the street from our office!

7. Among my bennies at Time Inc.: They’ll insure my Smurf collection for free!

6. Everyone on staff is getting free Pretty Bitter cards!

5. Josh Schwartz sent me an email wishing me good luck after I forwarded him the press release announcing my new job!

4. I have a fancy new wardrobe that should finally end Dave Karger’s reign at the top of EW’s best-dressed list. Okay, I have one new outfit. But it’s really nice. Seriously, it’s from Kenneth Cole!

3. I work two days and then have a three-day weekend!

2. EW covers movies, books, music and TV, so there’s four times the swag!

1. I still know things you don’t!

What’s that? I missed a few things? Well, don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs — use ’em to fire off some additional reasons I’m going to be awesome at my new job! And when you’re done with that, don’t stray too far from my little corner of I have some very exciting things planned in the coming hours, days and weeks… starting with this, my first EW scoop!