Here at PopWatch, we’re always overly curious to know what’son your iPod and your nightstand, so why not reveal what’s in your Netflix queue aswell? What’s at the top of your list right now? (Give us up to five.) What are you the most stoked to see, once you get that movie-you-need-to-watch-for-whatever-reason out of the way?

I’ll go first: I’m on a four-at-a-time plan that I split withmy husband (we have separate queues to prevent the “but I’m still waiting for…” conversation). The next two movies in my queue are Murder By Numbers to feed my obsession with Ryan Gosling (pictured), and The Wire Season 2, disc 5; because I too need to catch up on premium cable shows. And just thismorning Be Kind Rewind joined the 102other movies that I want to see.

Your turn.