Saturday Night Live - Season 42

It all started on the night of May 17. Usher was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, rapper Young Jeezy performed his verse on Ush’s “Love in This Club” — and, as the fates would have it, that was the very evening that John McCain dropped by 30 Rock for a few attempted SNLOLs himself. Next thing you know, the Republican presidential nominee and the cocaine-obsessed “Thug Motivation” expert were spotted sharing a friendly chat as the show wrapped at 1 AM. Explained an effusive Jeezy in an interview heard ’round the world: “No disrespect to my man Barack, but I f— with John McCain.” As in, the angry Atlanta snowman thinks the conservative Arizona senator is… cool. Wha?

I was pretty confused, until Jeezy’s rep sent out a press release today reassuring us that “YOUNG JEEZY SUPPORTS OBAMA — NOT MCCAIN.” Jeezy just posted a viral clip where he goes into more detail on that — check it out below (occasional NSFW language) — and he’s been correcting the record to every journalist in earshot. He’s got some pretty sharp talking points, as a matter of fact: “John McCain… looks like a fraud to me,” he told MTV. “My mama is about to have surgery that I gotta pay for out of my pocket because she can’t get insurance.” And his new album’s called The Recession! Keith Olbermann’s guest bookers, are you paying attention?

But there’s another story here. You see, the love goes both ways: McCain’s been telling people that he dug the music he saw Usher and Jeezy rehearsing on SNL that night. “Very talented. Very good,” he’s said. “I was very impressed.” The song that impressed him so deeply, of course, was none other than “Love in This Club” — a smooth, catchy ode to having sex in public spaces. Scandal! So it’s time to come clean. Does Sen. McCain now want, or has he ever wanted, to make love in this club? Moreover, has he ever made love, to a thug, in a club, with his ice on? The people want answers. (If you’re in a more serious mood, here’s an open question suggested by PW’s Gary Susman: Is there anyone in hip-hop who isn’t an ardent Obama supporter at this point? I won’t count the time when confirmed Audacity of Hoper Jay-Z joked that he “felt like a black Republican.”)

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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