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In a whoosh of air, she will appear. Back in May, Heroes fan sites were aflutter over news that actress Brea Grant (most recently seen nearly stealing Landry’s heart from Tyra on Friday Night Lights) would be joining the series’ third season (premieres Sept. 22) as a new character named Daphne, a.k.a. the Speedster. Grant has just revealed to what Speedster’s dramatic entrance will be like. “Anytime I come into a room, basically you see this wave of air blown on everybody and then I’m just standing there because I’m so fast you can hardly see me when I move,” she explains of her superpower. “You meet my character for the first time when I steal something from Hiro that he needs for his quest this season.” That doesn’t mean, however, that Hiro is the only hero she’ll encounter. “Her interest is not specifically with Hiro,” Grant says cryptically. “I think that’s why she’ll run into a lot more people — she’s feeling a lot of stuff toward someone else. That’s all I can tell you!”

It’s been unclear how long Speedster would stay on the show, but Grant discloses that she’s currently shooting the sixth episode of the season. “I’ll be around for actually quite a bit longer.” And will her villainous character remain a baddie? “I start off pretty bad, but there are some times when I have to make choices, you know, you can be worse, you can be better,” Grant says. “It’s just this whole idea of being a bad guy. You’ll see some of your favorite characters have to do some things they don’t want to do.”

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