Chris Daughtry

Expect an American Idol retail blitz this fall as season 7’s David Cook, David Archuleta, and Kristy Lee Cook all plan to release their debut albums. Adding to the pileup, Kelly Clarkson is also hoping her fourth effort, which she’s been working on in various locales, including Australia, will see a pre-Christmas bow. But one Idol alumnus currently in the studio is opting for a slower course. “I don’t want to put out anything that is second rate or be accused of going through a

sophomore slump,” Chris Daughtry told at the Hollywood premiere of Hancock. “So we’re

taking our time on it.”

What can fans expect from the followup to his four-times-platinum debut, Daughtry? “It’s going to be a big huge rock album,” he says. “We are working with the same

producer — Howard Benson [All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance] — same band and some of the same writers so it

feels very comfortable this time around.” The band is looking at a 2009 release, Spring at the earliest, which means several more extended stays in Los Angeles, but Daughtry insists he doesn’t make a habit of red carpets: “I only come out here to get my work done, [though] it is fun to go out at night to things like premieres with my wife. But we still live in North Carolina, which helps keep it real.” (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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