Heading to the theater to see Disney’s WALL-E this weekend, I knew I’d be subjected to previews for a few of the Mouse House’s other illustrious confections. But I had no idea of the heinous atrocity the movie gods were going to put before me: the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Have you seen this doggone mess?

The clip opens with voice-over from a ferocious-sounding guy who calls himself “Papi,” paired with lush images of mist-filled jungles, waterfalls, and ancient ruins that denote some sort of historical-type pic. “Who am I?” Papi (voiced, apparently, by George Lopez) asks. “The question is: What am I?” Natch, he’s a chihuahua! Cue dancing hordes of tiny dogs. Lots of ’em. Synchronized stepping. All around the Aztec structures. Wearing funny little feathered sombreros. And then we’re subjected to a rap track that sounds a little like Will Smith album filler, circa 1998. (I’m not crazy—it has that “Miami” vibe, right??)

Now I love Chihuahuas as much as the next person (who didn’t get a little attached during the Yo Quiero Taco Bell and Paris Hilton-Tinkerbell crazes?), but a schlocky flick all about the little rascals, with a tagline of “50% warrior. 50% lover. 100% chihuahua.”? Seriously? Check out the embedded preview for yourselves, PopWatchers, and then tell me: How did this film get made? Or is it possible the trailer is all part of an elaborate practical joke by those mischievous suits at Disney? What say you?