Filmmakers Albert and Allen Hughes are working on a potential HBO series, ''Gentlemen of Leisure,'' about an Oakland, Calif., pimp

(FROM THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) — Filmmakers Albert and Allen Hughes (From Hell) are revisiting themes they explored in their 1999 documentary, American Pimp, by developing a dramatic series for HBO called Gentlemen of Leisure. The show would look at the world of prostitution in Oakland, Calif., through the eyes of a legendary pimp who is considering retirement. It will incorporate ”some of the themes from The Godfather but in the world of pimping,” Allen Hughes said in The Hollywood Reporter. ”We haven’t done a movie in eight years, and we’re really interested in trying do something new. You’re not going to see a bunch of colorful, goofy ’70’s pimps. This is a film noir-style urban drama based in rich characters that will explore the human conditions across the board.” The project will be written by Rescue Me co-executive producer Evan Reilly. (The Hollywood Reporter)