“Dog bites man” is not a headline, but “Man bites dog” most certainly is. The clip below brings to life the Editing 101 adage — with an aquatic twist. It’s a truly remarkable video of an encounter between a shark and an octopus that reverses all the preconceived rules of engagement popularized by Spielberg in Jaws. It’s been on YouTube for a while now, but it’s worth revisiting now that beach season is in full swing, and y’know, you need another source of self-induced terror before dipping your toes into the surf.

Mind you, the voiceover makes you wonder what on earth the aquarium staff were playing at. “Each week, keepers were finding shark carcasses in the bottom of the tank. Each week, three- to four-foot sharks kept vanishing.” To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to lose one may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two (or more) looks like a disturbing case of could-care-less-ness.

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