A&E was playing Silence of the Lambs yesterday, and since I happened to be flipping through at the exact moment Buffalo Bill launched into his “it rubs the lotion on its skin” shtick (blurg!), I ended up glued to my TV set for a good 30 minutes. (If a movie can still scare you after 10+ viewings, you know it’s good stuff, and certainly beats the heck out of an afternoon of household chores.)

Anyhow, during the commercial break, the network ran an ad for its reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which prompted this conversation between my husband and me.

Husband: Wait, this show is about the guy from Kiss?
Me: Yeah. Who did you think was the star?
Husband: I always thought it was about that curly-haired exercise guy with the short shorts!
Me: [Laughing.] Richard Simmons?
Husband: Um, yeah. Him. Doesn’t he have a reality show?
Me: No, he doesn’t. But I’m totally blogging about this conversation tomorrow.
Husband: [Warily.] Of course you are.

Which brings me to my question: What’s your biggest pop-culture mix-up in recent memory? I know, I know…revealing my spouse’s embarrassment isn’t the same as admitting my own, but then you wouldn’t be looking at that wacky side-by-side of the two screamingly different Simmons guys, now would you?