Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

We’re a few weeks into the third season of HGTV’s Design Star, and two contestants are already out on the street, insisting they were sent home too soon. Let’s assess. (Next week, we’ll check in on my other current obsession, The Next Food Network Star.)

The contestants got tricked into thinking they were traveling abroad for their challenge. (Right, like HGTV has a budget to fly seven people, not to mention a crew, overseas.) So while they didn’t get to jet-set, they did get to pull a country out of a paint can — Mexico, Thailand, or Italy — and use that as inspiration for Design Star‘s “white room” challenge. Jennifer and Tracee (pictured, inset, with her room) both chose Italy, while Mikey V. and Matt chose Thailand. The queen of the roost, Michael, got to choose his own country. (He chose my second home, Spain.)

The designers had 12 hours and $500 to spend at Michael’s. After the screaming died down (theirs, not mine), I wondered if a trip to Michael’s warranted this type of response. (I say no.) I was sad that there were no customers in the store when they had their mad-dash shopping spree. Watching Ms. Everyday Shopper go flying into the row of fake flowers would’ve been hilarious.

And just how did our aspiring HGTV hosts do? Find out after the jump…

Jennifer’s room was a play on ceramics from Vietri, Italy. Tracee, her arch nemesis, was visibly pissed when the judges liked her room. On the flip side, Tracee decided to reinterpret Sleeping Beauty’s castle Venice, complete with a horrible faux mirror and a gondola bed that was a big hot mess. Michael did a generic boutique hotel lobby. It was cleanly designed, just extremely blah, with a shiny Plexiglass floor. Mikey’s Thai-inspired room looked like an Asian-themed bar, while Cynthia Rowley said that Matt’s Buddhist temple looked like a pillow fort you’d make with your friends when young. That got me all excited, because I loved building forts! But yes, she also meant that his room was atrocious.

Overall, most of the rooms were plain, dry, safe, boring, and showed little imagination. And guess what? The judges thought so too. In the end, Michael was sent home, and was nonstop waterworks during the whole process. Some of his last words after his show was canceled? “I want my mom right now.” Oh really, Michael? Did someone make fun of your designs and hurt your feelings? Didn’t you do that to Tracee the whole episode? Guess you really do reap what you sow.

But PopWatchers, what do you think? Should Michael have been the one to go?