There are three books sitting on my nightstand right now. Last week, I finished E. Annie Proulx’s lovely Pulitzer Prize winner, The Shipping News, but I still haven’t figured out a way to make space for it on my overcrowded bookshelves. (Donate some not-so-classic tomes, or buy yet another bookcase? That is the eternal question.) Of course, after finishing such a thoughtful, well-crafted feast, I immediately craved junk food, and I am currently midway through the literary bag of Cheetos known as Secret Diary of a Call Girl (by the Artist Formerly Known as Belle de Jour, and now just credited as Anonymous). Honestly, the new Showtime series (starring the fabulous Billie Piper) is a lot better than the source material, which is why I’ve already got Meera Syal’s Life Isn’t All Ha Ha He He queued up and ready for reading, hopefully by mid-weekend.

So that’s my current roster of books: What’s on your nightstand right now, P-Dubs? All must be revealed… even (especially) if you’re in the middle of some trashy/delicious beach read.