Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

How do you convince Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Annie Lennox, Simple Minds, Josh Groban, Queen, and Leona Lewis to come to your birthday party? It’s not hard if you’re the former president of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and human rights advocate Nelson Mandela (pictured). Smith and Winfrey are a few of the many celebrities, sports figures, political leaders and musical performers planning to attend Mandela’s 90th birthday tribute concert in Hyde Park, London. Though Mandela officially retired nearly five years ago, his crusade against social injustice continues, as does his involvement in the 46664 campaign (named for the number Mandela wore during his years as a political prisoner), a charitable organization raising AIDS awareness and promoting HIV education and prevention measures.

So you weren’t able to score one of the 46,664 tickets sold for the event? No worries, EW has your live online pass to all the top notch talent gathering to celebrate in Hyde Park. Be sure to tune in to the Nelson Mandela tribute site at 6:30 BST/ 1:30 EST today, June 27th, for a live streaming webcast of the concert. Until then, click the link above to check out clips of celebrity birthday wishes to Mandela and pics from past 46664 events, and to find out more about donating to the 46664 campaign.

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