As this year’s LGBT PrideMonth comes to a close, I want to pay tribute to some of the fabulous gays who tickle my pop-culture fancy. Take it from Grace, Carrie, Charlotte,all those girlfriends on Queer Eye,and now me — gay boyfriends are a girl’s best friend. If I could assemble adream team, these great guys (two real, three fictitious) would comprise my personal Fab 5:

1. Mario Cantone: Forget Sex and the City’s raucous Anthony; I’mtalking about the actor who plays him. Indeed, the ribald comic can make Barbara Walters blush and leave Sherri Shepherd crying tears of laughter as The View’s resident GBFF. I can’t think of anyone on television with whom I’d rather share a couple rounds of drinks and dish the latest reality shows (as he does so hilariously in the clip below).

After the jump,check out the rest of my picks (including the young’un who bumped poor Carson Kressley off my lineup):

2. Christian Siriano: I’dvolunteer anyday to be the Project Runway wunderkind’s real-life Barbie doll. Seriously, after seeing the guy create couture magic from a pile of candy wrappers, he’s got an open invite to bring his ironichaircut and skinny jeans over to my place and use whatever raw materials he can find (curtains, pillowcases, dish towels?) to overhaul my wardrobe. And, yes, he can shout “fierce!” as often as his heart desires.

3. Lloyd from Entourage: Can you imagine the awesome phone calls, texts, and instant messages you’d receive from Ari Gold’s beleaguered assistant throughout the workweek? All thatrepressed anger channeled into a series of hilariously bitchy rants. Then again, for pure schmooze value alone, I’d probably be wise to replace Lloyd with Lance Bass. Justin Timberlake’s not getting any younger!

4. Will & Jack from Will & Grace: I know, I know, so obvious! But I’m looking for a roommate anyway, and Will would be perfect: He’s neat, he knows how to cook, he’s a great Charades partner. On Tuesdays, Jackcould come over and watch So You ThinkYou Can Dance and we’d vote for the cutest boy with the mostrevealing tights.

5. Marco Del Rossi from Degrassi: The Next Generation: Sorry Carson Kressley, I love you, but my boyfriend can handle his own grooming. And that’s why I went with Degrassi‘s sweet, recently outed Marco. As his relationship withbaby hag Ellie has already proved, he’s sweet, a good listener, and a greatfriend (not to mention a fun fashionista, a bitof a gossip, and a neat roommate to boot).

Any of you have your own lists of dream GBFFs? Then by all means, list ’em in the comments section below!