Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

It’s time for an animated trailer blazer throwdown! Let’sbreak down the competition: Bolt is a non-Pixar film from Disney due to hit theaters in November. The Tale of Despereaux comes fromUniversal in December. Both have talking animals as the title characters; theformer features a heroic dog who doesn’t know that he’s on a hit TV show, whileDespereaux concerns a heroic mouse(pictured) who doesn’t know how to be scared. John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and MalcolmMcDowell lend their voices for Bolt,and Despereaux has Matthew Broderick,Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Watson.

If one of these films is going to get my 11 dollars thiswinter, it will be Despereaux. Theanimation has a hand-drawn look, and I can’t resist any movie about marching tothe beat of your own drum. As for Bolt, Imay check it out on DVD, but I’m just not interested in seeing another animatedmovie with hammy sidekicks and jokes that try to hard to wink at adults.

Watch the clips (embedded after the jump) and tell us: Which movie would you rathersee?