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, I’m still working my way through past seasons of Weeds, thanks to TV on DVD — and a Blockbuster gift card (Thanks, Mom!). So I was a bit disheartened when I read in this week’s New York magazine (link contains NSFW language) that Nancy Botwin’s pot-dealing partner Conrad (played by Romany Malco, pictured) would not be returning to the show. I will definitely miss the delicious sexual tension brewing between them. (I’m only up to episode six of season 2, but I hear they have some choice moments coming…) It sounds, though, like we won’t have to wait too long to see the Love Guru co-star in a new role. Malco is developing a character named Tijuana Jackson, a former convict living under house arrest. Tijuana (known as T.J.) made a deal to stay out of the slammer by promising to support the three women living with him, who also happen to work for him as prostitutes. Malco plans on releasing a new episode each week via YouTube to see if the series can gain traction.

I’m not quite sure what to think of Malco’s plan. I understand wanting to avoid the headaches — and moolah — associated with launching a new network series, but if Malco has designs on someday transitioning T.J. to TV, starting on the Web may not be the best idea. Can we please have a moment of silence in remembrance of NBC stinker Quarterlife? The Internet-to-TV drama most likely got network time only because of the writers’ strike, but the networks have yet to hit paydirt with a Web-born series. Though that may all change with HBO’s recently inked deal with Funny or Die. If anyone can do it, Will Ferrell can, right? (By the way, Malco and Ferrell worked together in Blades of Glory, and they share management. How come the T.J. series is going to YouTube, not Funny or DIe?)

What do you think PopWatchers? Are you excited for Malco’s new Web series? Or would you much rather see him back on Weeds?

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