(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? Tom Hanks has signed his name to an e-mail message from more than 100 actors urging AFTRA members to ratify their proposed contract. SAG is campaigning against ratification of the tentative AFTRA deal, claiming it makes too many concessions and undercuts SAG’s ongoing negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. SAG’s current contract expires on June 30, and the union’s chief negotiator, Doug Allen, has indicated that the talks with the AMPTP will likely extend past that deadline. The email Hanks has signed says that the AFTRA deal ”benefits every working member, and will immediately put the industry back to work without rollbacks or the egregious concessions that producers were insisting on (and SAG has yet to overcome) and it sets the stage for future negotiations…. More importantly, we are voting yes because if this contract doesn’t pass, it will set us back to a place from which we may not recover.” Jeffrey Tambor, James Cromwell, Tim Daly, Mike Farrell, Morgan Fairchild, and Sam Freed have also signed the email. (Hollywood Reporter)