No, that isn’t Marylin Manson’s fat brother. PopWatchers, meet Lars Ümlaut, one of four new Guitar Hero action figures being released by McFarlane Toys with Activision. The six-inch toys come with a whopping 15-18 moving parts (approximately 10 more parts than you move while actually playing the videogame) and will sell for $10-$15. We have the exclusive first-look on Lars, but you can also pick up a mini Johnny Napalm (the green-mohawked guy), Axel Steel (uber-muscular sleeveless jeans jacket dude), and God of Rock (the white-bearded deity). The game franchise is obscenely popular, so it’s no surprise they’re rolling out new products. But action figures? Maybe those kids shredding GH3 on YouTube will be buying these up, but sorry, Activision — here at PopWatch, we don’t play with dolls.