After VH1 decided to debut its inappropriate, way too soon, but already completely addictive I Love the New Millennium, we decided to take it to the blog by way of good ol’ AIM. You can call this just another posting of a friendly conversation, OR the first installment of Live from Our Adjacent Cubicles: The Amy & Lisa Show (cue music!). Either way, here’s what we think about Hal Sparks and friends’ newest marathon-ready look at a decade — er, the last eight years…

Amy Wilkinson: ugh, soI caught I Love the New Millennium Monday night
Amy: I’m not lovin’ I Love the New Millennium so far
Lisa Raphael: I missed it!Even though those Britney ads are all over the place — which, by the way, make mewant to call up a séance for her career
Amy: I don’t understand whyyou’re still rooting for her ??
Lisa: WELL, speaking of —the year 2000? Britney Spears VMAS
Lisa: doesn’t get any better than that
Amy: OK, they did show her”Oops…” red jumpsuit moment again
Amy: Which I put in the pluscolumn in my notes
Amy: Really the highlight of2000 was TiVo
Lisa: okay, I can dig it,DVR has transformed my life
Amy: What would I do if Icouldn’t record The Golden Girls?
Lisa: Um, watch all therepeats that are on all the time…
Lisa: (do you really record The Golden Girls?)
Amy: But now I can watch therepeats at my leisure
Lisa: So what were the pros?According to Amy…
Amy: Well, besides TiVo andyour fallen Britney, CSI premiered, which I dig
Amy: But that’s about it
Lisa: Over it
Amy: For the most part, totalcultural wasteland
Amy: You can NOT be over CSI
Amy: It’s so good
Amy: “Who are you…doo doo…doo doo”
Amy: love the theme song
Amy: by the Who
Lisa: No idea
Lisa: ooooh. Maybe a little
Amy: what??!
Amy: Lisa, seriously?
Amy: I’m worried about you?
Lisa: Scroll up, gurl! I waslearning the dance moves to Britney Spears in 2000
Lisa: I wasn’t even a fan of Justin Timberlake yet
Amy: dance moves? you meanyou became a child stripper?
Amy: you were what, like 14?
Lisa: I was a huge Napsterfan!
Lisa: That should be one of your pros!
Amy: Oh, I’m too much of agoody-two-shoes for Napster! Totes!
Amy: I buy my tunes legally
Lisa: Could you even buymusic legally back then?
Amy: yeah, I don’t think so
Lisa: I STILL have songsthat have survived and are on my iPod today from the Napster days
Amy: oh gosh!
Lisa: (I always know becausethey have DJ Clue yelling on them)
Amy: you shouldn’t say thatin a public forum
Amy: you might have the FCC after you
Lisa: oh yeah…
Amy: you were just kidding,right?
Lisa: Just putting on a showfor the cameras, you know!

addCredit(“Richard Hatch: Robert Voets/Landov”)

Lisa: So what were your biggest disappointments of the show?
Amy: Basically, 2000 sucked,which made the show suck. Here are some examples:
Amy: 1. Richard Hatch (pictured)…naked
Lisa: that was a BFD!
Amy: BFD?
Lisa: I’m trying to be PCfor the PWers
Amy: I gotcha
Amy: 2. those whaaaazup commercials for Budweiser
Amy: so annoying
Amy: and not funny
Lisa: But everrrybody’s donea “whaaazup” in their day
Lisa: even you?
Amy: Lisa, you’ve seen me.Do I look like a “whaaazup” kind of girl?
Amy: I don’t think so.
Lisa: not so much…Why do youthink the show was a bomb?
Lisa: Is it just too soon?
Amy: That’s part of it, butreally, the year just sucked
Amy: I’m looking forward to 2001
Amy: It was the year of Moulin Rouge
Amy: My friend Dennis and I had a Moulin Rouge coming out on DVDparty
Amy: Yeah, we’re thosepeople
Lisa: hahaha yes! I’ve neverseen Moulin Rouge
Amy: WHAT!?!?!?!
Amy: NO!!!!
Amy: That Britney ruined your formative years.
Lisa: It’s possible.
Lisa: Who were the best pop culture pundits Monday night?
Amy: Normally I really enjoyHal Sparks, but that mullet was blinding me!
Amy: major bird’s nest
Lisa: yes I Google imagesearched it
Lisa: Terrifying
Amy: I’m always surprised athow funny wrestler Chris Jericho is.
Amy: He’s a pretty wittyfellow
Lisa: who was there besidesthe usuals?
Lisa: Which member of NSYNC was on the panel???
Amy: I think there may havebeen a Lance Bass moment
Lisa: I feel like Lance istoo big for it now
Lisa: hmm. I would have gone with Chris Kirkpatrick
Lisa: I think I’m lookingforward to 2003, otherwise known as: the year of McGriddles and JoeMillionaire!
Amy: I think the 80s and 90shad much more genuine cheesiness
Amy: The 2000s seem so forced
Amy: Joe Millionaire?
Amy: Yuck.
Amy: Punky Brewster? Yes!
Lisa: We probably need to bea little farther removed from the decade we’re currently living in tounderstand its cheese/kitsch value
Amy: true true
Lisa: Hal Sparks can tryagain in 10-20 years and maybe I’ll DVR it
Amy: Nope, DVRs will be oldhat then.