It was just a month ago that the “teaser” for September’s paranoia thriller Eagle Eye debuted in front of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Disappointing Climax, and already DreamWorks has unleashed the full “trailer” onto the Internets (and, one would assume, in front of the somewhat similarly themed Wanted this weekend).

One question: Um, why? I mean, I guess it’s cool to know that, along with Shia LaBeouf, co-star Michelle Monaghan (Made of Honor, M:i:III) has also had her life suddenly turned upside-down by an eerily omniscient voice on the other end of her phone.

But really, I was fine not knowing. In just a few quick, efficient shots — Shia discovers his apartment stuffed with a super-deluxe DIY terrorism kit, he gets arrested, that voice tells him to duck, a construction crane crashes through the wall — the teaser had me hooked. I knew right then, I am going to see this movie. I did not need to learn that LaBeouf and Monaghan, thrown together, must do what themysterious voice tells them to or they die. Or that they enter a room that looks vaguely like the set for the next Kanye West video. Or that, asblink-and-you-miss-her Rosario Dawson intones, perhaps all this chaos is just “a decoy to distract [the authorities]from something 50 times bigger?” (Hmm. I wonder.) Besides, like a third of this new trailer just rehashes what we’d already seen in the teaser anyway.

After the jump, I’ve embedded both the teaser and the new trailer. You tell me, PopWatchers — is the second, 2:30 clip really all that necessary? Or does the first clip do the job in nearly half the time?

The teaser:

The trailer:

Okay, yes, it is nice to see Ethan Embry’s still getting work. But before y’all get to the message boards, here’s one final thought: If there must be a second trailer, what if it had only followed Monaghan’s character, until LaBeouf comes crashing through her car window at the very end? LaBeouf: “Are you the one who called me on the phone?!” Monaghan: “She called you too?” Eagle Eye. Boom. Done.