Looks like Jon Krakauer’s Pat Tillman narrative has vanished into thin air. Publishers Weekly reports that the Into the Wild author has withdrawn his manuscript about Tillman — the professional football player who was shot and killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004 — from publisher Doubleday, as he is apparently not happy with the copy. (Doubleday reps confirmed the book’s postponement with Publishers Weekly and said they support Krakauer’s decision.) A future release date has yet to be scheduled. The book was originally slated for publication in October, but now it seems unlikely that Krakauer fans will see it hit shelves anytime before 2009. We’re guessing Doubleday is hoping to release the book sooner than later, however: with 500,000 copies scheduled to be released in the book’s first printing, the book is likely to become a bestseller list staple.