There’s nothing particularly sophisticated or deep about Get Smart, which makes the mistake of substituting excessive amounts of wince-inducing physical comedy for the the brilliant scripts and razor-sharp satire of the 1960s TV series. Still, as EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum notes in her review, it does a creditable job of getting close to the spirit of the original. What really makes the movie worth seeing, though is the comic timing and chemistry between tech geek Bruce (Masi Oka, right) and analyst Lloyd (Nate Torrence, left).

Which is why “Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control“, due out on July 1, unexpectedly figures on this week’s Must List. Unexpectedly, because this straight-to-DVD release had slipped straight under my radar. I can only presume a reluctance by the producers to divert attention by promoting a second Get Smart project on the go, yet the notion of an insta-spinoff does reek of cashing in while the iron is hot. Still, if the performances of Oka and Torrence in the feature are anything to go by, the DVD could prove a surprise success. Keep an eye out as well for Patrick Warburton as Hymie, an android agent familiar to viewers of the original series, who pops up briefly in the feature and, being Warburton, is the undisputed star any time he’s on screen.

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