Credit: Scott Teitler/Retna

On June 29, 1999, three young artists boasted to the world, “I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch/ I’d take her if I had one wish/But she’s been gone since that summer.”

Now, nearly nine years later, LFO is still inspiring groups of guys me to turn abysmal rhymes into pop crapsterpieces about the important issues of our day: hot girls and what hot girls are wearing. This one’s for you LFO, sung (naturally) to the tune of “Summer Girls” (which is embedded after the jump).

S Club 7 and Baz, they were all the rage
You’ll probs die from UV-rays
And boy was it rad when LFO was fad for that summer, for one summer
I like guys who wear white tees from the Gap
Baggy jeans, and think they can rap
But LFO’s been gone since that summer
Since that summer

Blazin’ hip-hop meets white-boy trash
Can’t imagine why you guys didn’t last
You’re the best group that I never did see
Was all ‘omigod’ when you was on MTV
You guys sang and fans shrieked like birds
You was like Shakespeare cuz you heart mad girls
Call you Billy Badass cause you sang like a baller
I don’t fit in Aber clothes cuz their sizes run smaller
Now I can’t forget you and I wish I had more
Dreamin ’bout a summer world-reunion tour
You left one day and I wonder where you go
Was sure that I’d catch ya on a VH1 show
I was so in love but now you ain’t around
I miss your frosted tips and your digitized sound
Other boy bands ain’t like LFO
Guys plus busted lyrics equals shameless clothes promo