With Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black still residing among Billboard’s Top 100 albums after 66 weeks on the charts, and Duffy’s “Mercy” turning into a solid radio staple, who knows if America is ready to embrace yet another retro-soul diva. But as far as I’m concerned, it’d be a shame if Kreesha Turner‘s gorgeously melancholy “Don’t Call Me Baby” (embedded below with fan-made slide-show) doesn’t get a chance to enter the Thunderdome and fight it out as an official candidate for Song of Summer 2008. That falsetto breakdown before the final chorus — where Turner asks “What you gonna say this time? What’s your excuse?/ When you gonna break my heart? When you gonna break?/ Nobody hurts like you” — gives me chills (on repeat loop). In fact, not since “Irreplaceable” has a defiant goodbye to an errant lover hurt so bad.

What say you, PopWatchers? Are you ready to hop aboard the Kreesha Turner bandwagon, or should the lady take a number and get in line for my iPod’s “Home for Tragic Divas” playlist?