I love the Summer Olympics. In fact, I think I might be an Olympic gymnast, and I think I might have broken my hand last night while practicing a routine bed-mattress vault. I love the back stories of teary-eyed athletes who rebound after possible career ending injuries. I even love Morgan Freeman’s Olympic-themed commercials for VISA.

Which brings me to this question: Did anyone else spend the entire weekend watching the Olympic trials? I don’t entirely watch; a lot of times, I close my eyes and just listen to Bob Costas flip out. The chances that Laura Wilkinson will slam her head into the diving platform or Shawn Johnson will whip herself right off the uneven bars are slim. But if it happened, and I saw it…I might never be able to watch television again. And that would really take the joy out of bedroom Olympic reenactments.

I wasn’t the only one with Olympic fever this weekend, right? And to think, it was only trials! Imagine what I’ll be like come August. Here’s a VISA commercial to get you inspired: