This morning, Today news anchor Ann Curry decided to publicly audition for the role of Samantha Jones in the a.m. news edition of Sex and the City. While interviewing James McAvoy, the conversation turned to his kiss with Angelina Jolie in his new film, Wanted. McAvoy squirmed as Curry tried to get him to admit that it must have been easy work. He squirmed some more while explaining that an on-camera sex scene really shouldn’t be a turn-on for an actor because then it would be more like “molesting someone” instead of performing one’s job. McAvoy then said he hoped that if their interview included a scripted kiss, he and Curry would both be professionals. What was the wannabe cougar’s response? A huge grin right into camera, just before saying she would “throw him on the floor.” McAvoy blushed and complimented Curry’s shoes.

I don’t know if Curry is my hero for saying what I would’ve been thinking had I been in her place, or if I’m appalled by her revved-up level of flirtatiousness. Check out the interview below — the cougar begins to pounce around the 2:15 mark — and weigh in.