Now more than ever, it seems we need Jon Stewart to make sense of both our messy politics and our similarly confused news media. No wonder The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ranks No. 14 on our list of the Top 100 TV Series of the last 25 years in the new EW 1000 issue. For instance, here’s a typically superlative recent episode (June 3) that sees Stewart dealing with the derangement of our politicians and our punditocracy, both embodied in the person of a surprise guest. (Plus: a David Sedaris interview!) Watch the full episode below.

This is the third installment in’s selection of 10 great episodes of programs on our top 100 list. We’ll be streaming an episode from a different show every day, or you can watch the entire slate in one sitting at Hulu. The first half of the list is here; Part 2 is here.