Just how classic are the Top 100 New Classic TV Series of the last 25 years, as listed in the new 1,000th issue of EW? You can judge for yourself by watching many of them online. Over at Hulu, where they like lists as much as we do, they asked us to curate a collection of representative episodes from 10 of the shows on our list. (Selecting the individual episodes was’s panel of expert couch potatoes, namely, Annie Barrett, Michael Slezak, and me.) To get you started, here’s a memorable full episode of Arrested Development (the No. 16 series on our Top 100 list), season 1’s “Public Relations.”

Here at PopWatch, we’ll be rolling out each of the episodes we picked over the next 10 days, or you can watch them all in one sitting over at Hulu. (Vol. 1, containing our first five picks, is here; Vol. 2 is here.)