Just wanted to make sure you’ve all heard about TidalTV, a new website that streams television programming from CBS (noteworthy if you missed last night’s Swingtown, like me!) and niche outlets such as the Food Network, DIY Network, Fine Living Network, HGTV, The Weather Channel, and National Geographic Channel. The site is designed to look like your television, so you’ll be greeted by a channel guide showing you what selections TidalTV’s team of programmers have scheduled for today. (You can watch any of the shows on the day’s grid whenever you like, timeslots be damned. The grid is just a cute, efficient way to let you channel surf.) I just caught some of Are We Cannibals? (pictured) on National Geographic. Now, I’m gonna check out The Vampire Killings on MSNBC Features, then cleanse my palate with some I Dream of Jeannie on the Minisode Network. There are other channels devoted to news, fashion, and sports, should your interests lie there. (TidalTV’s Sports Illustrated channel is all about the swimsuit issue specials today, just FYI.)