I had heard about Isabella Rossellini’s new role as a “insect-sex (insex?) advocate” on Sundance’s educational Green Porno series, but it wasn’t until a friend sent me a link to the website — which has posted the short films for streaming — that I really got uncomfortable. (And of course had to watch them all, you know, so I could write this post with the journalistic integrity required of a PopWatch scribe.) Anyway, do check ’em out if you think you’d enjoy watching Rossellini dressed in a variety of insect guises doing what the birds and the (you got it!) bees do. It’s sort of SFW, in the way that the Team America marionette-sex scene is SFW. (I’d link to it, but I can’t seem to find it online… curious, that.)

Here’s my question about the Green Porno films — who’s their intended audience? They can’t be for kids, despite the cutesy outfits and soft colors. The “Snail” film (pictured) has more in common with Secretary than with Sesame Street. Especially the part where she informs us, graphically so, about where the snail’s, er, anus, is unfortunately positioned. (I’m sure there’s a Love Guru joke in here somewhere.)

So! If you’ve watched Green Porno, do you feel any differently about the former Lancome model (who, granted, has starred in some pretty out-there films)? Besides Rossellini, are there any other stars that have played roles that make you similarly uncomfortable?

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