By now, you’ve probably clicked your way through our galleries counting down EW’s 100 “new classic” movies, the magazine’s picks for the best films released in the last 25 years. (Here’s the list for easy reference.) Three questions:

(1) How did we do?

(2) How many of the movies have you seen (counting the Lord of the Ringstrilogy as one, like we did)? I’m going to be escorted out of thebuilding for admitting this, but I’ve only seen 66 of them. No need tochastise me, I’m on it. (Good thing I’m in the TV department…)

(3) Anyone else get a little giddy reading that run of Die Hard, Moulin Rouge, This is Spinal Tap, and The Matrix (starring Laurence Fishburne, pictured)? Perfect marathon, right? It’s kind of fun to read the list and see what titles give you the warmest fuzzies (Out of Africa and Waiting for Guffman, who knew?).

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