The Limewire blog has compiled a collection of YouTube clips that capture rock stars’ less-than-composed moments. But before you peep, be forewarned — angry rock stars are more likely than not to use unladylike language, so very few of these are SFW. A few choice vids: Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz gets embroiled in a mob scene that looks — and sounds — downright scary, while KISS’s Paul Stanley segues from a ballad (he ends it with a sincere “God bless you all!”) to, “Hey schmuck! Take the laser out one more time and I’ll put it right up your ass! Promise.” (The “promise” is my favorite part — as if anyone would question a threat posed by a man wearing Spandex and platform boots.)

One PG-13 exception here is Björk, captured below in an infamous 1996 incident at a Bangkok airport. She’s greeted by a British journalist, who tells the pop star, “Welcome to Bangkok,” and Bjork’s reply is a left uppercut, followed by some hair pulling. (Björk’s record label later claimed that the reporter had been pestering her for days.)

Have you ever witnessed a rock star meltdown? Or a brawl at a rock show? Share!