Passionate people can be demanding, as we established when we confessed our pop-culture relationship deal breakers. But I do believe that we are also, at least occasionally, capable of extraordinary acts of kindness.

For instance, last night, at the end of a phone conversation with my mother, she said there was something that she wanted my opinion on…

“What do you know about that new Justin Timberlake movie?” she asked.

Instantly, I panicked, because I’m going to be vacationing with my mother next week after that film opens. “The Love Guru?” I answered. “I know I haven’t laughed at any of the trailers.”


“You want to see it, don’t you?” I said, with a huff not heard since she told me that we wouldn’t be waiting around for the second Air Supply show at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park following the rain-out of the first.

“I’ve never seen Justin Timberlake in a movie. [That’s him, pictured, in The Love Guru.] I’d like to see him act.”

I must really love my mother — or have had too much wine to drink at dinner — because I said I’d see The Damn Love Guru.

What entertainment-related sacrifices have you made in the name of love (or friendship)?