As’s box office analyst predicted, The Incredible Hulk‘s big win at the box office last weekend wasn’t a surprise, per se. But it sure was impressive. For a movie weighed down by oodles of bad buzz, that $55.4 mil opening must have been enough to turn all the naysayers, uh, green.

Those who will not be acquiring that hue, however, include most of the players in’s Summer Box Office Challenge, 72 percent of whom correctly projected that Edward Norton’s comic-book reimagining would finish in first place. (The winner of this round: “burningstar,” who got a perfect score and called Hulk‘s gross almost exactly. Bravo!) Wanna get in on the fun — and have a chance to win some free DVDs? Just click on over to the game and register your predictions for this weekend’s box office top 10. A big battle is brewing between the comedies Get Smart and The Love Guru. Aw yeah, it’ll be a hoot.