Credit: Mandi Beirly

Recently, I received a package in which I found an Ultimate Pandas DVD (pictured) and a 10″ plush. Since I named the bear (Harold), I decided that I should probably do my part and blog about why he was sent to me.

DVD International has teamed up with GLOBIO, a nonprofit dedicated to environmental education, to benefit the Wolong Nature Reserve, the world’s most famous panda conservation and breeding center in China’s Sichuan Province, which was devastated by the recent earthquake. DVD International will donate 50 percent of all sales of Ultimate Pandas to the Reserve, where the DVD was shot over a period of four years. GLOBIO will ensure that the proceeds aid the rebuilding efforts.
Visit for more information. The DVD costs $29.95, and the plush that accompanies it is really, really soft. After the jump, a photo of Harold in his new environment, my office.

P.S. Note the use of not a single Kung Fu Panda joke.

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