According to reports, Michael Jackson headlining a longterm engagement at a Las Vegas casino is one of the many options being considered as a means for the King of Pop to repay a loan that saved Neverland Ranch. Assuming the voice and the moves are still there, this seems like a decent idea. I mean, there’s a chance that people vacationing in Sin City would be willing to put Jackson’s past behind them long enough to enjoy “Billie Jean.” Right?

If not, I suggest they build a domed dance floor that would play his old videos and classic live performances, as if it were a standing-room only planetarium. They could charge $40, and we’d get to feel as though we were there at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever show (below) and in the “Thriller” video.

Vote now: Michael Jackson live in Vegas, or Michael Jackson Dance Dome* in Vegas?

* working title

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