June 17, 2008 at 11:46 PM EDT

Remember Krull? The sci-fi/fantasy movie, which came out 25 years ago this summer, is probably in nobody’s pantheon of great genre films, yet people remember it vividly. Despite its ho-hum kidnapped-princess plot and its wispy leading man (Ken Marshall, who also starred in a mini-series around the same time about Marco Polo), Krull had visual imagination to spare, including its sequences of flame-hoofed horses and a particularly scary pre-LOTR segment with a giant spider. If you’re of a certain age (as I am), you probably have fond memories of whiling away many a weekend afternoon watching genre cheese like this on HBO.

Over at The House Next Door, the group bloggers (including my friend and former EW.commer Justine Elias) have been having a tremendously entertaining discussion about Krull, in all its glories and shortcomings, complete with illustrative YouTube clips. Check it out and savor it; after all, as one blogger notes, Krull is the kind of sci-fi/fantasy film that Hollywood simply wouldn’t make today, mainly because it’s not based on a pre-sold property like a bestselling novel or a videogame. Oh, and enjoy the Krull trailer below, and please share with your fellow PopWatchers your own memories of Krull (or movies like it) that you watched during your geeky, misspent youth.

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