Anyone watch the Tonys last night? Anyone? Bueller?… I did, and while I didn’t have a dog in any of the Tony races, I thought the ceremony itself was pretty enjoyable, with Whoopi Goldberg doing the live equivalent of those Oscar montages where Billy Crystal is Gumped into the nominated movies (I especially liked her popping up in Phantom of the Opera and Mary Poppins). Not to forget the memorable and heartfelt acceptance speeches (special shout-out to In the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who delivered what must be the first rapping, rhyming acceptance speech in Tony history) and, especially, the energetic production numbers from the nominated shows. After watching the broadcast, I really want to see the hip-hop/salsa-flavored In the Heights and Stew’s rockin’ Passing Strange (pictured).

Broadway fans, who is satisfied with the Tony winners’ list? Conversely, which shows and performers do you think got robbed? Anyone else enjoy the Tony ceremony? And who was inspired by the broadcast to buy tickets, and for which shows?