EW.com has learned the actor will reprise his role as Jagger Cates on SOAPnet's primetime ''General Hospital'' spinoff. Plus, ABC daytime is becoming a real family affair.

Antonio Sabato Jr.
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EW.com has confirmed that Antonio Sabato Jr. will be reprising his role as Jagger Cates on the second season of the General Hospital spinoff Night Shift. Sabato is scheduled to appear in all 13 episodes of the second season, which debuts in late July. Sabato was on GH steadily from 1992-94, and last appeared in 1995 around the time that his on-screen brother, Stone, was dying of AIDS. His presence on Night Shift should stir things up for a pregnant Robin (Kimberly McCullough); she is still very emotionally connected to Stone, who was her first love, and Patrick, her baby daddy. Jagger was also previously married to the now-dead Karen Wexler, who had worked as a stripper for Sonny when he was an up-and-coming mobster.

Sabato’s most recent daytime stint was as heartthrob Dante Damiano on the Bold and the Beautiful from 2005-06. He is currently dazzling audiences on NBC’s Celebrity Circus, performing the Flying Silks last week and prompting two of the judges to thank his mom for giving birth to him. He probably won?t be wearing skintight stretchy outfits on Night Shift, but we wouldn’t be shocked if there was a shirtless scene or two.

It’s a family affair over on ABC as One Life to Live‘s Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) is joined by his real-life wife Loyita and son Tanner for the show?s upcoming 40th anniversary story line, starting July 21. Meanwhile, over on ABC’s All My Children, award-winning director Melvin van Peebles joins his real-life son Mario as (surprise!) his father in the July 10 episode.

Woods? wife and son make their appearances after Bo and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) are hit by lightning and wake up in 1968, the same year that OLTL went on the air. One other catch: Bo has somehow become his father Asa (formerly played by Phil Carey), and Rex is Bo. ”I don’t have to mimic Philly or try to be him,” Woods says of his former on-screen dad. ”Everybody sees me as Asa except the audience and J.P., so we have asides to one another.”

Woods’ wife Loyita has been on the show twice before: as Blaze 20 years ago, when the show was briefly set in 1888, and then as Dallas, the girlfriend of Bo’s brother Clint. This time Loyita plays Dallas and Renee, Asa’s wife. And even though Lavoisier will play young Bo for most of the story, Woods’ 17-year-old son Tanner will briefly appear as a young Bo toward the end of the story, which just started taping last week.

”I’m sentimental about it all. I think he?s going to wear my old uniform. My old beret,” says Woods — a Vietnam vet and former Green Beret. ”If I can dig it out. And if the moth holes don?t read on camera.”

Over in Pine Valley, Melvin van Peebles will guest star as Melvin Woods, father of Mario?s character, U.S. District Attorney Samuel Woods. ”I go to him to talk about the numbers and the polls and the media,” the junior van Peebles says. ”The guy that I go to rap to about life stuff is the same guy that I go to in real life, my dad. It’s been a real kick. We love working together. It’s really a case of life imitates art, imitates life, imitates art. Me with all my kids on All My Children, kids talking to my dad about my kids. Crazy.”

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